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Tantric Massage Package

Stages of the Treatment Sessions may vary from client to client and from session to session.

Stages may not be consecutive, and a client can start and finish at any stage.


Connection and Trust Ritual

Talking, listening, explaining the features, benefits of and reactions to the Tantric Journey sessions.

Having a shower / steam to wash off negative emotions and to relax the body.

Exploring tantric rituals to open up one or more of the five senses (touch, hearing, smell, taste, sight) to establish a deeper connection, trust and unconditional love.

Introduction to “touch” in a safe and sacred environment, while acknowledging the emotions flowing in the moment. Introductory Body massage (full or part body which is acceptable to your comfort zone) will be given, incorporating stretching the body into Yoga postures. You will be fully clothed and a female chaperon can be present, if you choose.

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Kundalini Meditation and Deep breath-work

Making use of sounds and movement. Discussing the art of communication, followed by a Deep Body massage, to areas of the body you feel comfortable to expose.

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Tantric Healing Massage

Introducing Tantric Exercises and body movements with expression to release body armouring while going into a deep meditation as a way to help focus on deeply rooted negative emotions.

Followed by a Deep Full body massage on a naked body without touching the genitals working within the boundaries, incorporating Deep Breath work, body movements, sounds and various Tantric rituals to help focus and open up to Kundalini awakening.

As you relax your body and mind you will go into a deep Trance, when the healing begins and emotions start flowing.


Yoni massage

“Yoni” is a Sanskrit word whose meaning includes the entire female genital organ. The yoni opens up the innermost core of our being to us. A woman who recognises and is also able to use the power of sexuality will also radiate the joy of life to those living around her. She embodies beauty and attracts beauty and happiness in life like a magnet.

Tantra massage is an ideal way for women to understand the concept of and experience “taking”. All this takes place slowly, without haste and urging. Women can also choose special yoni and Meridian-point massage.

A lengthy consultation to introduce the features, benefits and reactions of the Yoni (Prostate – G spot - Genital) massage. A Deep full body massage on a complete naked body is followed by a Yoni (internal and external vaginal) massage with client consent.

After a series of Yoni massages, you may let go, to release Amrita (female ejaculation) together with a release of a flood of Emotions that was held for many years. This will help you to unload many long held negative imprints, stuck in the pelvis due to suppression and denial. It will help you to deeply connect with your feminine side of your body to open up fully to enhance your sexuality. Object of Tantric Journey yoni healing process is to help women find their Goddess within them.

The degree of intimacy in the bodywork will be geared towards what is comfortable, and what unfolds in our work together. Your boundaries will always be respected.

This work can be deeply healing, and can change other aspects of your life, as you let go of resistances and defences, which perhaps have held you back from expressing your full authentic self.



After your massage, this is an opportunity to discuss any emotions that have come up during the session with the practitioner in a safely held space.

Tantra massage is a beautiful form of spiritual healing releasing earlier problems and blocks and allowing the free flow of energies.

Tantric training sessions bring back a sense of fulfilment and create a deeper connection with our authentic core self.

Tantra teaches us also about the dichotomy of life:

  • Our humanness and our holiness,

  • Body and spirit,

  • Naughtiness and niceness,

  • Good and bad,

  • Masculine and feminine,

  • Fear and desire,

  • Sacred and profane


It teaches us to own and integrate our shadow, our fears and our desires, rather than repressing or avoiding what we do not wish to feel or see.

We begin to develop an integrated way of being. This is the pathway to wholeness, self-love and acceptance, powerful love and then ultimately oneness with all things.


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