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A woman who has discovered her sexuality and draws strength from it, is radiant creative and filled with vitality.

She embodies the beauty of life and in turn attracts this beauty like a magnet,

The yoni is the key to discovering this empowering form of sexuality it opens the innermost core.

The word yoni comes from the Indian Sanskrit and refers to the entire female genitalia area, from the external parts of the vulva to the vagina, uterus and ovaries.

What can be discovered on this journey is the flower of femininity and the power of independence.

A woman who knows her yoni knows her desires and is able to communicate them clearly. This self-awareness and confidence find expression in all other parts of her life and are transferred to her entire being.

When women are fulfilled and knowing as a result of close contact of their femininity they are able to build bridges to men. They no longer need to defend boundaries in a hostile manner or to wait quietly for a man to fulfil her hidden desires.

Many people stop after the discussion of anatomy and don’t give much further thought to the subject of sexuality, but the sweetest experience of female sexuality can be found only by leaving the usual paths and diving into the depths of female sensation that are neither visible or nor concretely touchable.

This world opens itself to us as soon as we close our eyes and direct our attention inside ourselves.

The energy inside us affects our whole being. Our body, our thoughts, and our consciousness are made up of energy. Body, soul and feelings form an indivisible whole. They are closely linked to each other through the endocrine system, the central nervous system and the immune system. We recognise a lack of energy as a pain, listlessness or dullness.

At times our sexuality can bring us into contact with intense feelings which then have and immediate effect on our body and soul. Knowing this we can choose to accept more intense feelings and completely give in to them, using breathing and consciousness to bring the intense energy flow through our bodies, until we reach a point where we have suddenly become one with the feeling. It is in this moment that an infinitely deep and peaceful space opens up. In this space, there is no I observing from the outside, we melt and become one with all that exists.

When we understand how the energy created by sexuality flows through our bodies, we can support and strengthen the process in a number of ways. When the energy begins to flow, our heart open and we feel happy, safe, and deeply loved. In this state we feel strong, confident and alive.

We become alchemists- transforming all that that is NOT love. The difference between the Tantric Path and other spiritual paths is that it includes sexuality, rather than trying to ascend it. We learn to LOVE and fully accept ALL that we are, and transform heal and release all that we are not. Our sexual energy is like rocket fuel for clearing away what no longer serves, i.e. our conditioning, old ways of being, old paradigms and patterns we continue to get caught up in and struggle with.

What many people do not realise is that we can use sexual energy for transformation, rejuvenation and healing; not just recreation and procreation.

This energy is life-force: it is power. When we connect to it and explore our pleasure consciously, healing any shame or guilt we may be holding, we can connect to its power.

We start to feel more potent and more alive! Our sexual self-esteem is directly linked to our self-esteem. If we are not feeling comfortable and empowered in our sex life, it greatly impacts the rest of our lives. Our sexuality runs through our core, it is our direct line to our sense of personal power. and presence in the world.

It’s not that life becomes easier, it feels richer, more vibrant and we learn to LOVE and embrace all its flavours, to let go of our judgments and our clinging to how we think our lives should look.

Many of us are living from a contracted place, society has not moulded us into being free. We have lost our wildness.

Everything is controlled and contained. Especially anything associated with the body, with emotions and with sexuality.

It is as if tight ropes are wrapped around the bodies of ‘civilised’ people like a heavy blanket, stopping us from expressing ourselves naturally. We need to find a way to express the wildness again regularly.

Whether its dancing wildly, singing, making love with sheer abandon whatever lights you up! There is nothing to heal, we are already whole, all we need to do is to love and accept ourselves fully and unconditionally, here and now exactly as we are!

To let ourselves be wild and free sometimes. To do something outrageous often enough so that we don’t lose our spark! If you would like some help with this, I would love to support you!

Taoism philosophy

When a woman unites with her man in love, all the magical power of

the universe becomes integrated with this act, which then produces

miracles both in heaven and on earth. The Union of the Feminine with the Masculine.

Even though it is impossible to know the precise origin of Taoist philosophy, it is known that around the year 500 B.C., Chinese scholar Lao-Tse researched and compiled its basic principles into a book that we know today as Tao Te King.

Just as the purpose of the Tao is to learn the supreme way to the

self-actualisation of a human being, the purpose of the Tao of a couple is to integrate love with sex and unite the male and female energies.

Representation of the Tao

The Tao is the unity of two principles: yin and yang. The symbol of yin

and yang is a circle divided into two halves by an S-shaped line, with

one half black and the other half white.

The circle represents the unity of the universe, consisting of the yin (black) aspects and the yang (white) aspects, inseparable in every manifestation of the whole.

Within each half there is a smaller circle of the opposite colour, which means that each principle contains the seed of the other. At the culminating moment of deployment and expression, each principle changes into its polar opposite so that the force of eternal equilibrium can do its work.

The Equilibrium of the Universe Depends on Polarity According to the Tao, the universe is the product of the polarity existing within the primordial unity: rest and motion, contraction and expansion, condensation and scattering, moving backward and moving forward.

From the most simple and peculiar manifestations to the most

complex and universal ones, every being expresses this original polarity.

The interrelationship between yin and yang generates all living things that inhabit the universe.

The Tao philosophy is based on the search for balance and the integration of opposing energy forces that are complementary to each other.

Yin and Yang

Yin energy represents the feminine: passivity, night, wetness, cold, water,

and the moon. The woman, with all her sexual secretions and fluids,

constitutes a yin essence that provides the necessary protection that al-

lows the male's semen to become an embryo.

The woman contains an inexhaustible reserve of yin energy that is activated by sexual arousal. The female orgasm strengthens vital energy, improves health, and prolongs youth.

Due to the fact that a woman's sexual potential is more energetic and open, almost all texts on this subject place a greater emphasis on educating the man so both lovers can reach an equivalent level of satisfaction.

Yang energy represents the masculine: activity, day, dryness, sun, and fire. Man's sperm is a precious gift, the source of his physical health and vital energy. This vital energy will diminish unless it is compensated by

Yang energy represents the masculine: activity, day, dryness, sun, and fire.

Man's sperm is a precious gift, the source of his physical health and vital energy. This vital energy will diminish unless it is compensated by an equivalent amount of female yin energy, which is why the man must seek to satisfy the woman each time he has sexual contact with her. That way, both will benefit the other during each act of lovemaking: he will strengthen his vital essence, and she will stimulate and intensify her yin essence.

According to Taoist thinking, the sexual feature of yin is slower excitation, but this also means that a woman is slower to quit at the moment when she needs more sexual stimulation. On the contrary, yang's sexual feature is easy excitability, which allows the man to achieve maximum pleasure instantly.

The man needs to learn to prolong the sexual act without reaching orgasm so that both energies can merge and fuse. By increasing the time his member remains inside the woman, he will absorb the yin essence that will in turn revitalise him.

When the man's yang force and the woman's yin force unite, they create life in the universe.


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